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I don't particularly 'collect' print media in real life, but I have a few copies lying around. I've got a big digital archive of fashion junk though. I tell myself it's for my job but in reality I'm just incredibly autistic about clothes. So if you're looking for something let me know, I might just have it or be able to point you in the right direction.

Metalheart (Book)
Metalheart and its sequel capture a fleeting moment of digital design at the turn of the millenium. For a brief period maximalist futurism was all over webpages and forum signatures, before falling off trend.

dELiA's (Catalog)
You've probs seen this one floating around every y2k online moodboard ever. A lot of modern designers have clearly dug into the archives of dELiA's for both styling and marketing, and it isn't hard to see why.

Alloy (Catalog)
Another catalog that brings back so much nostalgia for the days of printed mail order catalogs. Bucket hats, tomboys and random anime girl shirts galore. Can we please bring this basic makeup back?

XY (Magazine)
XY is a glossy time capsule of gay youth culture. If you liked The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch, you'll be into a bit of this. Even for those of us who've grown out of fancying skinny twinks, it's fun to flip through.

Egg (Magazine)
Gals: the best and worst of noughties girlies turned up to 11. They deffo have a stigma, but there's no doubt these women pioneered a really cool counter-culture. You can learn about gal fashion over at gogogal.

Men's Egg (Magazine)
A fashion mag for the much rarer male gal. I'm not a die-hard fan- some of the guys are kinda cute in that Johnny's way. The hair ranges from fine to 'wtf'. Spend 10 minutes in Kabukicho and you'll see what I mean.