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here you'll find my adventures in art, game dev, and whatever else i find interesting. above all this is a space for getting back in touch with my digital identity again, in the vast sea of the world wide web.

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09/10/22: I gave the layout a fresh lick, it's a bit more sleek now. I'm gonna keep prodding at it. Without my desktop I can't do much graphics wise... so I adopted a lil dude from Dragon Cave.

Adopt one today!

Say hello to BabyPhat!
If you don't grow into a female I'm renaming you Cam'ron.

Mood: Stinky

Listening to: Nine Inch Nails

29/09/22: I should be focusing on my own game I know. But I need a moment. Be still my FFX heart. To honor this gorgeous new promo art, I... have... spruced up my adopts pages? I feel like Square must be planning something for these guys, I mean you wouldn't put the money into new models just to render a few stills right? Think Tidus needs to lay off the Fair & Lovely though.

Mood: Vibrating

Listening to: Masashi Hamauzu - Wandering Flame

23/09/22: Haven't been around much cos I'm now homeless - woohoo. Battling an incredibly corrupt charity that evicted everyone in the building to profit millions for their investors sure wasn't on this year's bingo.

In site related news I replaced my duff laptop so I can code on the go. Added my attacks from Art Fight 22 too. There's old school chibis, sonic, feral, a lot of experimenting in there.

Mood: Wiped out

Listening to: Cracker - Low

01/08/22: What a great win for England women's football, and young girls everywhere, last night. Chloe Kelly's celebration made the game for me. I and so many others have been well and truly schooled on womens' fight to participate this last month. All I knew growing up is that girls weren't allowed to play footie, they did dance class and cheerleading, and while I thought it unfair I had my own battles and that was that. It's a day I won't forget.

I've uploaded some of this year's Art Fight defenses, a big thanks to everyone who drew for me despite the insane weather! I'm still figuring out how to add credit, so for now check out my art fight profile to view.

Mood: Content

Listening to: Babylon Zoo - Spaceman

24/06/22: It's Art Fight time. This is like Christmas for me guys, I love drawing ocs and bonding over lore and shit. Let's go Team Bloom.

Mood: Sunburned

Listening to: Manowar - Secrets of Steel

07/06/22: Happy Pride Month guys. Mate how sick is this update. So here's my first ever F2U pixel base. There's 25+ Puppsicle inspired skintones. It was primarily made for dark skin so I'm gonna keep tweaking the individual tones. I've also added more clothes and improved the hair and bases on the Bratz Dollmaker beta. Have a play around, let me know if there's anything else you want to see.

Mood: Hungry

Listening to: Tiësto - Walking On Clouds

06/05/22: Probably done tinkering with the playlist "Wetware" now. There's a story if you squint, but it's also just a love letter to PS2 water physics.

Mood: Motivated

Listening to: Milky - Just The Way You Are

11/03/22: New Chibi Art page added with a recent batch of chibi trades and gifts I drew for others. Need to add more alt text and follow-through gallery thumbnails.

Mood: Chill

Listening to: MGMT - Electric Feel

21/02/22: A few improvements and new pages, still pretty much a work in progress. Made a soft, country acoustics led 90s/00s Playlist for Faline.

15/02/22: Big update including a complete css overhaul. New layout: V1.0: ALBEDO BAY with Felt featured on the banner.