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...:: Ghost ::...

:: Notes ::

  • Edit in Notepad++ and set language to C
  • Files containing dialogue that can be customized: aitalk.dic, menu.dic, bootend.dic.
  • OnFirstBoot: Code for the very first time you boot up the ghost.
  • "\![enter,passivemode]" must be followed by "\![leave,passivemode]" as an end tag.
  • Passive Mode: Balloons won't disappear, the choices won't time out, ghosts won't talk randomly, you can't bring up menus, and makes sure that the dialogue plays through to the end correctly.
  • If you link to a function that doesn't exist, the ghost will do nothing.

  • :: Basic Code ::

  • // Comment line that the code won't read
  • %(username) Envelope that displays the user's nickname based on the name you chose.
  • %(heshe) and %(himher) Evenlope that displays the user's pronouns based on the gender you chose.
  • deleteshitai = "OFF" Determines whether the user can uninstall the ghost or not.
  • Select.deleteon and Select.deleteoff Toggles whether the ghost is deletable or not.
  • firstboot = 1 Denotes that this is the user's first time booting up the ghost.
  • OnKeyPress defines any hotkeys you have set for your ghost to use.
  • \![enter,passivemode] Tells the ghost to enter passive mode.
  • \![leave,passivemode] Tells the ghost to exit passive mode.
  • MikireTalk is for when the ghost is off-screen, like if you dragged it off to the far side of the monitor.
  • EndMikireTalk is for when the ghost is brought back on-screen.
  • HourCheck Checks to see if an hour has passed.
  • MenuRun Opens the main menu that occurs when you tap the ghost.
  • GetWeekDay Figures out what day of the week it is. 0-5 is sunday-friday, and else is saturday.
  • GetAP Figures out if it's AM or PM. Hours 0-11 are AM, else PM.
  • birthchecked Envelope to check the user's birthday.

  • :: Dialogue Code ::

  • "\0\s[0]Insert dialogue here.\e" is the typical dialogue format for the main ghost.
  • \e Tag used at end of ghost's dialogue to denote end of speech.
  • aitalkinterval = 000 Sets the default time between dialogues in seconds.
  • nonoverlap_pool makes it so all RandomTalk dialogue has an equal chance of being called. It will cycle through every dialogue before repeating them.
  • \w Can be used to time dialogue. It is numbered from 1-9. You can add extra \w tags to increase the count above 9. Example: \w8\w6 is 14ms.
  • \_a Is the tag used to link web addresses. Use it like a HTML tag, with \_a as both an opening and closing tag. Example: \_a[http://www.website.com/]Text here.\_a
  • \_s Makes both characters say the same dialogue at the same time.
  • OpenSakuraMenu Dialogue that appears before the ghost opens the main menu.
  • elseif userbirthday == "1month 0day" Special dialogue for if the user's birthday occurs on a special date, like Christmas.

  • :: Undefined ::

  • \n
  • \1\s[10]
  • {{CHAIN and }}CHAIN
  • Select.choicemasc
  • Select.choicefem
  • Select.choiceneither
  • Select.TEACHBDAY
  • Select.TEACHNAME
  • Select.CANCEL
  • Select.dosomething
  • OnClose
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