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:: Intro ::

Chrome Heaven Bound (production title) is my mostly solo-devved, 3rd person action RPG. So far most of the visuals are sculpted and rendered on my PS4, as is the better looking test build. For the final build I'm teaching myself to code proper on PC using Unity/Godot and all the good stuff. It's... an experience.

I started dabbling in game dev in 2019. This bit of nightmare fuel was my first ever 3D sculpt. I can't believe I've kept this thing going.

:: Story ::

The story follows protagonist Younghwa Lofty, an inhabitant of the subterranean land of Padmera, after his would-be bride Wilabell is seemingly kidnapped during the annual coming of age ceremony. Suspecting the private military known only as the Watchers, he follows the assailants through the vortex at the axis mundi and attemps to track down his best friend.

Far beyond the womb realm on the surface continent of Elbia, Younghwa finds a lead that proposes Wilabell is being held in the Eyrie- the Watchers' home base in the next island.

:: Gameplay ::

Gameplay features Younghwa as the main playable character. His primary weapon is twin pistols, most notably the Peacekeeper pistols. Over the course of the game he gains the ability to transform into new appearances, each possessing their own unique weapon and fashion.

Younghwa's class is a gunner. He is also the healer of the party and can obtain abilities to buff, heal and revive other party members.

There are 7 recruitable party members. Each party member has unique Abilities and Finality (similar to Overdrive function).

Each time the player loses a life, a seed flowers in the sacred field.