○ Chrome Heaven Bound ○ Test Build ○

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Start Screen [No save data].

Start Screen with save data.

Start Screen idles into randomized cutscene and scripted gameplay clips if 60s elapses with no button press. Press any button to return to the start menu.

Save file selection screen.

Options Screen.

Standard placeholder game over screen. "Quit" exits to start screen and "Try Again" returns player to the last save point.

Variable directional movement (less push = walk, more push = run).

Contextual walk animations.

Forced walk speed for eg. when NPCs are talking or performing an action.

Regular jump.

Double jump.


Crouched walk.

Dodge roll.

Horizontal moving platform.

Vertical moving platform.

Rotating platform.

Weapon equip.

Weapon unequip.

Lock-on with target switching. Supposed to be based on target distance idk why but it's randomized.

Mega broken projectile combat - probably gonna switch back to hitscan.

Reload (infinite ammo).

Spell and target select from command menu.

Player receives damage on hit.

0 HP triggers player KO state.

Wades in medium-height water.

Swimming on surface.

Surface swim idle.

Diving underwater from the surface toggles the player underwater state.

Jumping into water from a height will activate a dive animation.

Underwater swim idle.

Underwater swimming.

Resurfacing toggles swim state back to surface.

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