...:: chrome heaven bound ::...

information / characters / test build / dev log / design doc

:: Known Issues ::

  • Player rotation on Z axis is inverted.
  • X axis directional movement is inverted.
  • VSync on by default, but the button displays as off.
  • Start Menu button press highlight doesn't persist.
  • Game bugs out when enemy rotates to face the player.
  • Pause menu works independently but has issues with buttons in-scene.

  • :: Notes ::

  • Start Screen buttons to have up/down arrow selection and enter key confirmation.
  • Add SFX to Settings menu.
  • DS4 controls untested, DS4 charges but PC won't detect it. May need an adapter or OG micro USB cable?
  • Options settings untested: Bloom, Brightness, FOV, Mouse sensitivity.
  • Options settings not connected: BGM volume, SFX volume.
  • Make BGM persist between Test Room scenes.
  • Tried to add gun equip but it returned a null_instance error or something for some reason. Is this because I haven't been properly "instancing" things into the scene? Commented it out for now.
  • Need to figure out coordinates in 3D space for portal player spawn points.
  • Need to set up a new camera rig that rotates around player.

  • :: 01/08/22 ::

    The UI is starting to look more like Chrome Heaven, enough to suffice for now. I grew tired of the default capsule and tried to Blender export a downloaded model as .GLTF. There was some error I didn't catch, so I exported as .OBJ for now. Maybe related to my ancient PC or that I'm using Blender 2.83, I'm not sure. Apparently .MTL files can't load in Godot either so no textures for now but whatever. It's not a blue capsule. (Some have mentioned converting mesh to collada (.dae) in Blender... eh.). The lack of my old assets and visuals is getting frustrating, but I'll keep trucking on.

  • SFX and selection highlight added to Start Menu.
  • Added scene change function to Start Menu; Continue button now leads to Traversal Test Room.
  • Imported into test room a skybox image and .OBJ stand-in player character model.
  • Added Player HUD, Commands Menu (with first submenu) and money counter - nothing yet functional.
  • Fixed the inverted Z axis player movement, but the model rotation is still inverted.
  • Enemy capsule created with scope to detect "Party" group. However returns an error when trying to rotate towards object in the group.
  • BGM on Test Rooms. Just copied the Title Screen AudioStreamPlayer node, will probably have to change this later to add persistent BGM though.
  • Imported a free pistol asset from CG Trader.
  • Started plotting Combat Test Room in CSG.
  • Added functional portals between Traversal Test Room and Combat Test Room.

  • :: 22/07/22 ::

    Ta-da. So it begins, my remake of Chrome Heaven's logic system on PC. I held out until now because my 2012 desktop build desperately needs upgrading. This poor old machine won't even launch Unity or render hair particles. Heck even Blender 3.0 isn't compatible, for so long have I resisted the crappy bloatware infested UI nightmare of Windows 10. Nothing new here, I've been dragged kicking and screaming onto new operating systems since XP fell out of fashion.

    Following recent controversy around Unity's merge and the mass exodus of people moving on to other game engines, I decided now was the time to familiarize myself with Godot. I don't think it will be my final destination, at least until support and tutorials for 3D games improve, but it feels like a neat little "baby's first scripting experience" if you will. Crucially, it's on PC. While Dreams' visual scripting taught me an invaluable amount, at the end of the day everything is locked into a 1GB save slot on my PS4 harddrive, or worse, at the mercy of an inevitable server shutdown a la Little Big Planet.

    So here I am, taking custody of my game. As you can see, the Godot build has... far to go, but I like to think the Test Room I whipped up (pictured above) vaguely resembles the OG Test Room (pictured on the left). I mean it's painfully bare bones but you can see where I'm going with it, right?

    There was a record breaking heatwave on my first couple of days, so progress has been slower than I'd prefer. But so far we have...

  • Start Screen with game title, footer, and left click controlled buttons: New Game, Continue, Options and Quit. Options and Quit buttons are functional. Has a 3D placeholder background scene. Imported an autoplay BGM loop.
  • Capsule player character with WASD directional movement, collision, jump with variable height, health bar, slide resistance.
  • Pause Menu with P button toggle.
  • Temp ESC button for instant game exit.
  • Camera with mouse pivot and collision.
  • Began mapping out a prototype Test Room using CSG.
  • Options menu UI added with tabs for Video, Audio and Gameplay.
  • Tested, persistent and working settings: FPS display toggle, Max FPS, full screen/window mode toggle.
  • Some basic DS4 controls.