Name Younghwa Lofty

Gender Male

Age 18

Height 170cm (5'7")

Orientation Bisexual

Species Human

Homeland Padmera

Class Gunner


likes & dislikes


Western movies

Rice punch

Mean girls

Long showers

Authority figures

Girly stuff

Loud crowds

Rock music



Younghwa identifies himself first and foremost by his hero complex, which almost always gets him into trouble. At times he is immature and overbearing with a stubborn streak, but generally well-meaning. He is outgoing and friendly but terrible at timekeeping, sensitive to overstimulation and easily distracted, leaving him alienated from his peers.

He makes up for a general lack of intelligence with athletic ability and enthusiasm. It's often difficult for him to process emotions of any relative depth, so he tries to always give off a cheerful, carefree energy and not sweat the details.

Between age 11-20 Younghwa wears a purity ring he obtained as part of a local Padmeran courtship ritual. He has mixed feelings about his culture's chastity rites, all the while maintaining the unrealistic, fantastical views of love and soulmates that were instilled in him.

After leaving the subterrain, his pale complexion gradually darkens into a natural tan. He usually smells like coconut sunscreen.


Following a sudden attack on his homeland by the light-stealer demons known as the "asrestar", Younghwa departs on a journey to rescue his childhood best friend, Wilabell, who appears to have been kidnapped.

He finds himself in the destitute surface land of Elbia, where he allies with an unusual foot soldier who reveals the darker side to Younghwa's birthplace and the faith they both share.

* * *

With no parents to speak of, Younghwa was raised in a communal childrearing village in the North of Padmera. He was separated from the other boys as a child in order to dedicate himself to his practice as a healer.

He was conceived as part of a government funded eugenics programme, although as a result of a complicated birth via c-section he has long struggled with a developmental delay. For this reason, doctors ascertained that a sterile life would suit him better. His medical records more conspicuously note that 'it would be improper for a virile male to be housed in a church of holy women'. For a long time Younghwa himself considered this a virtue of his role in the world and accepted it as a necessary sacrifice.



Heavenly body

Star Spangler

Fallen Grace

Combat Medic


Peacekeeper Pistols


Hearbreaker Pistol


Wilabell is his childhood best friend and first crush. They were once inseparable, but have long since grown apart— likely fuelled by Younghwa's naivety and rose-tinted view of her as some feminine ideal. Even though she bullies him at every opportunity, he considers himself bound by chivalric duty to rescue her like the damsel in distress he so wishes she would be. His feelings towards her have often been described as "enduring".


Roan is his gentle knightly companion. While Younghwa is more vocal about his feelings, they share a mutual trust. Some would say their bond is as two sides of one coin. He enjoys playfully teasing Roan and is very protective of him both on and off the battlefield. He loves to see him laugh and encourage his confidence to flourish. Though Younghwa can't heal him of all his ails, he vows to watch over him as long as they're together earthside.