○ About Me ○


Alias: Beyond

Age: 18+

Faith: Agnostic

Likes: Philosophy, giant robots, romance, theology, cocktails, beaches, horchata de chufa

Dislikes: Bees

Movies: Dune [1984], A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Predestination, Titanic, Nausicaa, The Wall, Phantom of the Opera, The Matrix, Thelma & Louise, 10 Things I Hate About You, Lord of the Rings, Tommy, The Butterfly Effect [Director's cut]

TV: Red Dwarf, This Country, Gundam, Evangelion

Music: Judas Priest, All Saints, My Chem, Taebin, Saxon, Chicane

Artists: Luis Royo, Mamoru Nagano, Masamune Shirow

Books: Carl Jung, Terence McKenna

Games: Quake, Final Fantasy 7/8/10, Unreal, Mushihimesama, Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill 2, Stardew Valley, Spyro [Insomniac], The Last Guardian, Mana series, Kingdom Hearts, Doom


Welcome to my little networld. My alias is Beyond, but I don't care about that junk, you can call me however you want. How I became a webmaster... I was raised on virtual life from a young age - on Quake LAN parties and Neopets homepages with autoplaying .midi hotlinks - though I was soon expected to be daddy's little hardware G.I. Joe. So I left web dev behind, because coding is for nancies apparently. Well, I can't deny my feelings any longer. I don't wanna solder motherboards. I'm a coder.

In real life I'm a seamster and designer by trade, and sometimes I just bum around being an ASBO. When unplugged I'm a bit into cooking, sports bikes and hitting the gym. My tiny vegetable patch will surely keep me alive in the coming nuclear war. As you can see I'm making a game, cos I'm an excitable fool and generally just mad about old SquareSoft RPGs. It's derivative yeah, but I've travelled around the world with these idiot bits of code in my bag for long enough to know that help isn't coming.

I almost exclusively play support. Guess I just enjoy the view.